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Escape The Classroom

A young female illustrated with a futuristic mask

X marks the Spot

NYC Treasure Hunt


The ultimate NYC puzzle

The journey is the reward, but the treasure is the prize!

Classrooms are an amazing part of the learning journey for any individual. They offer safe spaces for a wide range of  simulations and theoretical exploration.  The outside world provides the compliment. An opportunity to practice adapting to  the unpredictability of our ever-changing surroundings. Real-world dynamic problem solving and strategy implementation will be essential to completing the stages of this challenge! 

Did the last high constable of NYC discover one of the many clues left behind by the Pirate of Pearl Street? Private notes that have recently been uncovered indicate that there's a treasure yet to be discovered.

A dark figure of a lurking monster

Theories (ampersand) Clues

Unlock Solve Theory


A true New Yorker you may be,

Nay, not by your time of occupancy,

But by awareness of the rule of three, 

And the learning of her history.

A dragon illustration from the game "Dragons Lair"

Circular Path Theory


There is a book that holds a page

That reveals the location of the Mage, 

Wise and magical through and through,

You'll be led to the Warrior and Healer too.

A to B Theory


Here your journey will come to end 

Unless your able to distend

Your point of view and imagination

To overrule the biases of confirmation!

About us

Escape the Classroom is a program in the C.A.R.E. network. C.A.R.E. stands for Communities Acquiring Resources for Education.  This treasure hunt will bring out the detective in all who participate and Sherlock Holmes himself would need a team of experts  to overcome all of the barriers to finding the prize.  

A Gamified

 Collaborative Competitive


A strong team knows the importance

of STEM, History and the Arts,

and that sometimes, the end

is exactly where the journey starts.

Remember  always that  this should be fun,

and  that your hunt has technically already begun! 

Sponsor the Event

This event is about building bridges in the community and serving the health, wellness and educational needs of NYC youth. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities. Be a BUILDER!

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